The Equalizer - Mana Monitoring works across all PV platforms

Photovoltaic (PV) monitoring - often a maze of mismatched platforms and signals- is seamlessly integrated via Mana Monitoring's subscription software program.

 "Mana Monitoring has an intuitive platform that specializes in aggregate monitoring, fleet management and reporting," says Zoltan "Zoli" Milaskey, the program's inventor and president of Mana Monitoring.

Hawaii Pacific Solar President Bob Johnston, whose company helped develop Mana Monitoring and has used the software for about two years, says nearly every PV system has a proprietary monitoring system installed along with it that "monitors the inverters and other components of the system, and provides alerts if there's a fault or a problem."

Large companies like HPS, Johnston says, "often have many, many installed PV systems throughout their network, whether it's in the state or nationally or even internationally and which can't be evaluated until the data is reconciled.

"What we developed with Zoli and through his company, Mana Monitoring, is a software platform that grabs all this information from various and varied monitoring platforms and puts them into one," says Johnston. With Mana Monitoring's program, he says, "a developer, a solar developer, a power purchase agreement owner, an investment group, or an individual can look at their entire portfolio on one platform."

Milaskey points out that while other platforms like Locus provide similar integration, Mana Monitoring isn't tied to the hardware of a particular product or technology.  "Mana has no interest, it's totally agnostic about which technologies are out there, it treats them all equally," Johnston says.

Mana's program provides an array of different key areas in all systems that a portfolio manager can monitor, such as billing, operations and maintenance. "Monitoring is reported in near-real time," Milaskey says, and can be tailored to include custom features and software capabilities for client-specific needs.

Johnston says Mana Monitoring's program has been introduced on HPS projects "and our partners' projects as a testing ground. And it works quite well. Our partners have been very pleased."

Interested PV owners and operators can contact the company at for evaluation and initial free consultation.

zoltan milaskey