Mana Mobility

Creating Hawaii’s smartest EV network 



Mana Mobility’s standalone solution for smart EV charging  

Electric Vehicle Charging Platform

  • Workplace

  • Multi-unit dwellings

  • Institutional


Certified Clean Energy Ally

Hawai‘i Energy, in partnership with Ulupono Initiative, is providing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) pilot incentive program to expand the network of EV Charging Stations at workplaces and multi-unit dwellings throughout the state. This Incentive Program provides rebates up to $5,000 per dual-port Level 2 EVCS with network connectivity . As a Clean Energy Ally, Mana helps you through the process:

  • Manage installation and warranty

  • Design and permit

  • Secure UL listed equipment and EV management platform

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Quality & Convenience

We work with experienced and licensed contractors on Oahu and Maui to ensure that the design/permit/installation process is performed to the highest standard. Mana coordinates the entire process. We secure rebate(s) and perform quality control measures before and after installation so you can rest assured that your green investment is secure.

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IT Enabled for Mobile and Web

Mana’s SuperGrid ensures the charging process is easy and effective by integrating smart technology with user-friendly software:

  • Ensure that charges are only for registered users

  • Set charger schedules to effectively control when charging is allowed

  • Synchronize charging with onsite or utility solar output

  • Eliminate risk of peak demand charges from HECO/MECO

  • Avoid electrical upgrade requirements by intelligently staggering chargers

  • See on your mobile device your charge session details and turn on/off the charger remotely

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