Energy Aggregator

Centralized Energy


The Mana platform allowed us to immediately sub-meter tenants and better manage our energy.

Mana’s Energy Aggregator Platforms brings a whole new level of efficiency to organizations

For clients who manage large properties such as shopping centers, schools, and government buildings, Mana provides the tools to immediately understand where energy is being used, what the cost implications are, and where it can be optimized. Our software works with the majority of internet connected meters on the market to give managers insight into real-time energy usage. The following are some of the tools available through Mana’s platform:

·      Sub-metering for HOA’s and AOAO’s

·      Tenant billing

·      Manager reporting

·      Notifications

·      Alerts based on KPI’s

·      Energy analytics to help discover losses

·      Centralized file storage for site/system specific documentation

·      Portfolio level fleet management and tracking