Why centralize your DER portfolio

After years of managing a large fleet of DER’s (distributed energy resources) I realized there has to be a better way to do this. Daily routine would include logging into a half-dozen sites, checking the status of solar PV sites, inspecting charts and exporting countless CSV’s. I would then take those CSV’s, work through getting them into excel, then put those excel’s into larger excels so I could finally compare sites. Then I would have to get solar irradiance data for the sites that were missing from nearby sites and make sure that the production matches the irradiance curve etc.

Finally it was time to put an end to this so I could enjoy my Friday afternoons or pau hana, as they say in Hawaii. We custom built a dozed API’s to be able to easily import data from various sources such as DECK, ALSO, eGauge, Enhpase etc. Already just having the DER data in one portal was a huge time saver. All of my data was finally in one place and this cut my asset management time down in half… no more logging into a bunch of places, no more peeling through graphs and exporting.

a small success.

The next step is setting up my reporting and alerts so that I can focus on the big fish and address the small fries in due time…

zoltan milaskey